After suffering a traumatic brain injury and experiencing multiple and various symptoms, my family doctor recommended I speak to a neuro psychologist for a neuro psychological assessment. When I called Dr. Olivia to inquire on services, right away on the phone I was very impressed by her knowledge of brain injuries and her calm and patient demeanor. Often dealing with health professionals since my injury I’ve had to ask them to slow down because it now takes me longer to take in what they are saying, however, this was not necessary with Dr. Olivia. She took the time to explain what the assessment would entail and how it could be structured best to accommodate my frequent fatigue symptoms. After multiple visits to complete the assessment at a pace I could manage, I started seeing Dr. Olivia for treatment of psychological symptoms I have from my injury. I feel very comfortable speaking to Dr. Olivia and have noticed very positive impacts from my treatments. I would highly recommend Dr. Olivia to anyone who is suffering from a brain injury.


Dr. Olivia Chu Yau is an exceptional psychologist. When I first starting attending treatment I was apprehensive due to the negative stigma of those with mental health disorders in our society, but she did an amazing job helping me understand my disorder and that things could get better. She is caring, an excellent listener, and challenged me in ways which helped me overcome my biggest issues. I would highly recommend giving Olivia the opportunity to help you change your life. I know that she changed mine for the better!


Finding Dr. Olivia has been a life changer for me. I bounced around from professional to professional as well as naturopaths but no one could help me with my anxiety. I’ve had anxiety all my life but I had it under control until I developed tinnitus 18 months ago. My anxiety and depression got so bad it manifested as physical symptoms. I had developed a fear of food, agorophobia and my life was a mess. My doctor tried to convince me it was anxiety but I thought she was an idiot. My life was hell and I wanted to fix it so I found Dr. Olivia. She treated me with mindfulness and CBT rather then talk therapy and I responded to it really well. The anxiety was up and down but the physical symptoms were still there and they got so bad I almost gave up. Thats when Dr. Olivia actually got through to me in her own subtle way and showed me that all my symptoms were anxiety and that I suffered from severe anxiety. Since that day my symptoms are all gone, my agorophobia gone and I am living life again. I am now looking at progressing in life and starting a business just 4 months after I didn’t want to live anymore. I owe everything to Dr. Olivia and I have recommended her to friends and will continue to praise the work she has done on me.


I had seen a couple of psychologists before I met Olivia, and Olivia is the first psychologist to recognize and understand my issues. Her guidance and support have helped me learn more about myself. Thanks to Olivia, some of the questions I struggled with and now have been answered.