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About Cogmed Program

What is working memory?

Working memory involves the ability to focus on a task, keep information in mind and to do mental processing of that information. It is a fundamental brain function that underlies most of our conscious mental work. Working memory is required in order to understand the content while reading and it is the brain’s work space when solving a math problem. It is used when following instructions, reading a map or simply carrying on a conversation. Anyone who has trouble concentrating, ignoring irrelevant information, holding chunks of information in mind, planing and organizing, and getting started and staying on tasks may benefit from working memory training.

What is Cogmed?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is suitable for children and adults that want to improve their working memory. Cogmed is a proven working memory training system with it’s effectiveness backed up by over 50 research studies done at leading universities around the world. Research shows that 80% of the people who have completed the Cogmed Working Memory Training notice improvements in their attention and working memory. Improvements have shown in the general population as well as different conditions including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), acquired brain injury, learning difficulties, and aging populations.

After having completed their working memory training, children, adolescents and adults say that they find it easier to concentrate, have improved stamina when performing mentally demanding tasks, find it easier to remember things and are more successful in school-related tasks such as reading and doing mathematics. Parents of children who have completed working memory training describe them as more independent, better able to communicate and more focused than they were before the training. Teachers who come in contact with students who have completed the training report that these students are calmer, show more interest in schoolwork and get better scores on tests.

How does Cogmed work?

Cogmed Training program uses computerized training sessions that are 30-45 minutes in length for 5 to 7 weeks. Each session consists of a selection of tasks that target different aspects of working memory. The training is done online using a computer in the comfort of your own home. A cogmed coach will communicate with you during the training to assist you or your child through the program. During the training period, the user’s performance is tracked online an can be viewed by the user and his/her Cogmed coach. The program has been developed by in conjunction with professional game developers so it combines neuroscience with educational computer approach. It is both challenging and rewarding.

The complete program includes:

Initial Interview – All Cogmed providers provide screening to determine suitable users. The likelihood of him/her benefiting from the training is evaluated.

Start-up session – The Cogmed Coach plans and structures the training.

Weekly coach calls – The trainee goes through the training either at home or at work to get advice on how to get the most out of the training, hear feedback, and increase motivation.

Access to the Cogmed Coaching Center – Both the trainee and the Cogmed Coach review and monitor the results of each day’s training, using our online system.

Wrap-up session – After the training is completed, the Cogmed Coach summarizes the training together with the trainee and provides feedback data from rating scales and the Cogmed Coaching Center.

Six months follow-up interview – The Cogmed Coach documents training effects again, with more time elapsed and the effects fully emerged.

What does the program look like?

This video shows a demonstration of the program designed for adolescents and adults.

This video shows a demonstration of the program designed for children.

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