Dr. Olivia Chu Yau

I have been there: As someone who has experienced first hand mental illness in my family, I know the struggle of having a mental illness. I have seen how it can change your life and affect loved ones around you. As a result of these experiences, I became passionate in finding ways to help people who struggle with emotional difficulties. Guiding and supporting others to achieve emotional wellness invigorates me.

Education & Experience: I followed my calling and completed my doctoral degree at the University of Windsor in Clinical Neuropsychology studying pediatric and adult populations. I am a psychologist specializing in the practice of clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology and rehabilitation psychology with children, adolescents, and adults.

I have worked in various settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient mental health centres, private practices, and university health centres. I had the opportunity to work closely with many diverse populations including individuals with neurological (e.g., traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative, stroke), medical (e.g., bariatric surgery, genetic disorders) developmental (e.g., learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder), and psychiatric disorders (e.g., mood, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder). I am registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).

Life outside of the office: I am a mom of a young toddler boy. Most of my spare time is occupied by spending quality time with my son including teaching him new concepts, fostering his emotional awareness, and playing with him at the park. I also enjoy trying different cuisines, listening to interesting podcasts and practicing yoga.

Professional Affiliations: Ontario Psychological Association; International Neuropsychological Society; American Psychological Association; Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

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Dr. Jessica Van Exan

Personal Statement: I am reminded in my own life and in working with clients that as human beings we all bump into life and get stuck sometimes.  I believe everyone has the capacity for resiliency and the process is unique for each person.  When we can step back and clearly see what is happening, we become aware of what was unnoticed.  We can develop a new outlook and make choices that move us back into and forward in our lives.  It is with deep respect and honour that I join clients on their path towards self-compassion and self-discovery.

Education & Experience: I obtained my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from York University and have been a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario since 2011 practicing in the areas of clinical and counselling psychology.  In recent years, I have worked in the bariatric surgery program at Toronto Western Hospital (2011-2016) and currently am working part-time in the Young Adult Eating Disorders Program at Southlake Regional Health Centre.

In private practice, I provide both assessment and therapy to adults focusing on concerns related to stress, perfectionism, low self-esteem, assertiveness, life transitions, depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship difficulties, and eating disorders.  My training and experience comes from working from a wide range of evidence-based treatments with a focus and interest in motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy.  Within each of these treatment modalities, my priority is working collaboratively with clients to understand their current difficulties in the context of their unique history, life stressors, personal strengths and goals for treatment.

Professional Affiliations: Ontario Psychological Association; Canadian Psychological Association; Academy for Eating Disorders; Eating Disorders Association of Canada